International Tax


We have extensive experience with taxation of persons and companies who move to and from Denmark, persons who are posted, or who have activities in several countries.

Are you planning on moving to or from Denmark or are you to be secondment/posted it is often relevant to be professionally guided to make sure you will avoid discomfort.

In recent years we have seen several cases in which taxpayers have become either exempt or liable to tax following decisions that could have gone both ways. These can be large amounts that either should or should not be taxed in Denmark. The consequences can be great – both financial and punitive.

If you are planning on moving to Denmark, we can help you determine when you become liable to pay taxes. There are certain residence criterias as well as other factors.

If you are moving from Denmark, there are several factors to be aware of. The factors are such as when you leave the country, whether you are considered to have left the country or whether you are seen as posted because you may have rented your home in Denmark out short term.

We can also be of help if you are to be posted abroad or if you as a foreigner are posted in Denmark either under normal employment conditions or according to the Danish tax scheme for researchers and high salary employees (forskerordningen).

Finally, we can help clarify whether cross-border trading or an establishment of a company in Denmark will lead to tax liability in Denmark.