About us

PrivatRevision specializes in tax advisory, tax and financial statements, real estate, and other financial and legal advisory services for individuals, self-employed professionals, and business owners.

The concept is that we offer comprehensive advisory services to our target audience, so that most advisory needs can be met in one place. Thus, our intention is to be experts in tax, finance, family law, and real estate for individuals, self-employed professionals, and business owners. Or perhaps more accurately: To be experts in the needs our target audience typically has or will encounter.

PrivatRevision currently employs 11 people. We work as a team, and we each has various areas of expertise. Naturally, we aim for you to have a dedicated main contact person with us. However, it’s also important for us that the best person is assigned to a specific task.

PrivatRevision is owned and operated by the auditor Christian Bækmark. Christian holds a master’s degree in tax law, LLM, and a Master of Science in Auditing with a specialization in tax law, as well as Graduate Diploma in accounting and financial management.

The company has liability insurance through HDI.